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testing geobi note

testing geobi note

WFS Simple reaches version 0.5

WFS Basic is now WFS Simple

WFS Basic is firming up

Check out the proposal here:

Schema manager - new tool

OGC Network now has a new file management tool designed for posting XML schema documents, but more file types and uses are supported. Interesting features are full control over the file's directory structure and versioning. Read more in help, and access here.

OGC User RSS feed added

OGC User RSS feed added to the 'ogc news' sidebar.

updated help!!

I just updated the help page to be more site-specific. Please add to it with comments.

GML in JPEG2000 supports image annotation

Someone recently asked me if OGC had a standard for imagery annotation. What this basically means is the ability to scribble notes on a map. I told him that we have an old proposal for this called XIMA (XML for Image and Map Annotation) that has never been fully developed, but it turns out there's support for imagery annotation in the new GML for JPEG2000 specification, which I just scanned through. I notice it even pays homage to that old XIMA proposal by using a namespace called "xima" in its image annotation example. Maybe this could be the beginning of a resurrected XIMA effort?

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