Trilateral Agreement Pilot


The organizations responsible for national and regional "Spatial Data Infrastructures" in Europe (INSPIRE), Canada (GeoConnections), and the U.S. (FGDC) signed a tri-lateral arrangement document in January 2006 to formalize collaboration on applied geospatial standardization in an international context.

The Tri-Lateral Interoperability Pilot is a collaborative, open standards development, supporting collective requirements of governments with the knowledge and capabilities of academic, commercial, and non-commercial solutions providers. This pilot is sponsored by FGDC.

Participation in this Pilot invites the contribution of standards-based services that can be catalogued and accessed to support multiple international interests. The pilot builds on existing components addressing issues of decertification, land use and land cover change, deforestation, forest fires, hydrological resources and modelling, and resulting pressures on ecosystems and biodiversity made interoperable through the GEOSS architecture to provide support to decision-makers in Africa and Polar regions.

The CFP invites other organisations to register components relevant to such policy-relevant endeavor (e.g. related to demography, socio-economic pressures, humanitarian needs, health, and so on) so that the added value of the system of systems approach can be demonstrated through this pilot. Technical objectives of this pilot include tests of distributed access to catalogues' contents and protocols, with particular interest into OGC Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) catalogues i.e. ebRIM and ISO 19115/19119 .

The FedEO Pilot will contribute to the Architecture Implementation Pilot including GEOSS and FedEO pilots.


GEOSS Clearinghouse Implementation