SensorML Examples

One of the best ways to understand SensorML encodings is to study examples with an understanding that they help present what is possible.

SensorML is used to define both physical and non-physical processes. Physical processes can include, for example, detectors, actuators, sensor systems, samplers, etc. Non-physical processes can include a wide variety of processing used within the act of measurement or modeling, including, for example, spatial transforms, sensor models for geolocation, QC tests, image processing routines, classification routines, etc.

Sensor Systems

Video Web Cam - sensor system illustrating the ability to modularize descriptions between various components

CEOS CalVAL Satellite Sensors - European Space Agency (ESA) and Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) SensorML profiles (RelaxNG), instances, and documentation for standard satellite sensor descriptions.

Tigershark UAV video camera - fairly complete description of a high-definition video camera on-board an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV).

Davis Weather Station - Example description of a weather station.

CBRNE Gamma Detector - Simple HPI 2070 Gamma detector.

Marine CTP Buoy Sensor - An SBE 37-SMP MicroCAT Conductivity-Temperature-Pressure sensor mounted on a buoy by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).


Non-Physical Processes

CSM Frame Sensor Model - Community Sensor Model (CSM) based Frame Sensor Model for geolocating imagery from GSI KCM-39 video camera.



Where are the examples?   All

Where are the examples?  
All of these examples point to the now-defunct VAST web site at UAH. Can the originals be re-posted at OGC or elsewhere, please?

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The SensorML 2.0 examples are

The SensorML 2.0 examples are here: