Sensor Web Enablement Presentations and Videos

This page provide links to various Powerpoint presentations, as well as video related to Sensor Web enablement (SWE).


SWE Introduction - Short overview of Sensor Web Enablement (presented at the beginning of each OGC SWE-SWG meeting)

SWE In-Depth - More detailed presentation on SWE along with representative pointers to demos (presented at the Geospatial Intelligence Standards Working Group (GWG) - Fall 2008

SWE and SensorML - Short summary of SWE and more detailed description of SensorML - Fall 2008

SWE standards and recent activity   - an overview of the SWE standards the plans for revisions along with an discussion of recent testbeds and pilot that used SWE.

Videos (NOTE: need reformatting for streaming; you may need to download them first)

OWS-4 Demos - Interactive exploration of demonstration videos form the Open Web Service  4 Interoperability Project (Fall 2006)

OWS-4 SWE Demo - UAH Demonstration of SWE for radiation event (Fall 2006)

SPOT Image OWS-5 Demo - Video of the SPOT Image Satellite SPS services (Fall 2007)

PulseNet Demo - Demonstration of the Northrop Grumman Pulsenet project showing end-to-end application of SWE (2007)

Muenster Robot Test - Demonstration of control of wireless robot and streaming of video using SWE SOS and SPS services (2008)

University of Muenster - Collection of videos representing various aspects of discovery, tasking sensors, and visualizing observations

TigerShark video on-demand geolocation - Streaming of HD video data and navigation, and the on-demand geolocation of UAV video using SensorML (2008)



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