Sensor Web Enablement White Papers, Cookbooks, and Reference Papers

The following references provide architecture documents and "how-to" articles for the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) framework.

White Papers

Sensor Web Enablement: Overview and High-Level Architecture (OGC 07-165)

Supporting Georeferenceable Imagery (OGC 08-071) - Public Engineering Report discussing the use of SWE and other OGC standards for supporting the distribution and georeferencing of ungeorectified imagery from remote sensors.

Reference Papers

New Generation Sensor Web Enablement (Bröring, Echterhoff, Jirka, Simonis, Everding, Stasch, Liang, Lemmens,  2011)

New Implementations of OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards (Bacharach, 2007) - Sensors [erratum: Figure 1 is actually from efforts by the University of Alabama in Huntsville along with NASA MSFC]

Video on Semantic Sensor Web (Henson, Sheth, Jain, Pschorr, Rapoch, 2007)

OGC Sensor Web Standards Show GeoINT Potential (Bacharach, 2007)

OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards (Percival and Reed, 2006), Sensors and Transducers

Open Sensor Web Architecture: Core Services (Chu, Kobialka, Durnota, Buyya, 2006)

Sensor Web Enablement for Coastal Buoys (Ling, Durbha, King, 2006) - AGU

Sensor Web's Point of Beginning (Reichardt, 2003), Geospatial Solutions

Cookbooks and Tutorials

SOS Tutorial for GEOSS Providers - Tutorial to assist GEOSS providers and GEOSS users in understanding the SOS.

Overview Tutorial on SWE - Tutorial/course was created and held by 52North for Geonovum

SensorML 2.0 Examples - Described examples for supporting various sensors and processes using SensorML 2.0

SOS 2.0 Tutorial - online tutorial

Using SensorML to Describe a Complete Weather Station (2006) - Pre-version 1.0 tutorial of describing sensor systems with SensorML

SOS 1.0 Perl Cookbook (ASCII and RDBMS) - OOSTethys

SOS 1.0 Java Toolkit - OOSTethys

SOS 1.0 Python Cookbook - OOSTethys

Workshop Reports

GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop Report 2010

GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop Report 2009

GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop Report 2008