Sensor Web Enablement Software

There are several Open Source, Free-Ware, and Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) activities committed to the development of Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) oriented software. This includes software to support servers, middleware, and clients, as well as tools for creating and validating SWE encodings.

All registered OGC products

Sensor Observation Service (SOS)

52 North - Open Source SOS software

MapServer - Support for SOS within Open Source GIS server software

OOSTethys : Open Source Software for setting SOS servers : JAVA, PERL, PYTHON and ASP

Sensor Planning Service (SPS)

52 North - Open Source SPS software

GeoBlinky SPS - SPS client software for EO1 satellite

Web Notification Service (WNS)

52 North - Open Source WNS Software

Sensor Alert Service (SAS)

52 North - Open Source SAS software

SWE Client

Space Time Toolkit - Open Source Java-based interactive, 3D client

Northrop Grumman Pulsenet - General SWE client

SAIC Sensor Web Client - General SWE client

52 North SWE Client Framework - a framework to build clients for accessing and using SWE and other OGC services

52 North SOS Thin Client - a browser-based client for visualizing time series provided by the SOS

52 North ArcGIS SOS Extension - allows the access of SOS instances within ArcGIS

52 North uDig SOS Plugin - allows the access of SOS instances within uDig

OOSTethys -OpenIOOS - Web Client for SOS services

SWE Common

SWE Common Library - Open Source Java Library for parsing, writing, encoding, and decoding data in SWE Common


SensorML PrettyView (TableView) - Open Source SensorML viewer (UAV Example - follow component links to drill down)

SensorML Process Editor - Open Source Java and Eclipsed-based tool for creating SensorML instances; can support profiles specified in RelaxNG

Process Execution Engine Library - Open Source Java software library for parsing SensorML and executing SensorML Process Chains

SensorML Schema Browser - An web-based tool for interactively browsing through the SensorML schema

SensorML Profile Library - SensorML profiles for sensors, sensor components, and processes, as well as Open Source Java library for executing process models

Pines SensorML Editor - Open Source Tree-based editor for viewing, creating, and modifying SensorML instances

Semantics and Ontologies

MBARI Semantic Dictionaries - ontologies of sensor terms used within the Ocean Observation community, as well as procedures for creating searchable, resolvable ontologies


SWE portrayal Service - KML/Collada (i.e. Google Earth) Server which supports styling of SWE Common data from SWE services and SensorML process chains


SensorML EDI - a

SensorML EDI - a template-driven metadata authoring tool that can be easily customized to any XML-based metadata format and to a specic workgroup, institute, and project, also referring to external RDF data sources.