Projects implementing SWE


Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) technology is being applied by both large and small institutions throughout the world. This page contains references to some of these projects.

MMI,OOSTethys - Ocean Observations System Standards initiatives that are focused on developing ocean observation ontologies, establishing community best practices for establishing ocean observatories and expeditions using SWE, and implementing these SWE standards for operational services. Related links: IOOS, Q2O, GoMOOS.

Oceans IE : The Oceans Science Interoperability Experiment brings together the Ocean-Observing community to advance interoperability of ocean observing systems by using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standards, in particular those related with SWE

Q2O - Developing capabilities and best practices for support Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) for the oceans observatory community using SensorML and SWE.

German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS) - German DLR Tsunami Warning system being developed using the SWE web service and encoding standards. Related links: technical paper.

Sensors Anywhere (S@NY) - European consortium project focusing on interoperability of in-situ sensors and sensor networks for environmental monitoring. The resulting Sensor Service Architecture (SSA) is based mostly on SWE.

CEOS CalVAL Satellite Sensors - European Space Agency (ESA) and Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) developing SensorML profiles (RelaxNG), instances, and documentation for standard satellite sensor descriptions.

CSIRO Hydrological Sensor Web - CSIRO are developing and researching the sensor web for monitoring the water cycle in Tasmania, Australia. This sensor web is dealing with fusing data sets from multiple in-situ sensors along with the outputs from various meteorological and hydrological models. This will be used to aid the decision making process for managing water restrictions, flood mitigation and maintaining healthy rivers and catchments.

UncertWeb - The UncertWeb project is an EC funded project for uncertainty-enabling the Model Web. Within UncertWeb, O&M is used to exchange spatio-temporal information based on spatial vector geometries. Therefore, a profile for integrating uncertainty information in O&M and the SOS has been defined and a plain Java API for using the uncertainty-enabled O&M is available. Related links: technical paper.