AIP-2 Persistent Exemplars

A goal of AIP-2 is to augment the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) of GEOSS. The main elements of the GEOSS IOC are contained in the GEOSS Common Infrastructure, e.g., GEO Web Portals, Registries and Clearinghouse. AIP-2 aims to augment the IOC with additional persistent exemplars.

The AIP-2 Persistent Exemplars are listed below in Tiers as shown in the AIP-2 Engineering Viewpoint Architecture.

 Persistent Exemplar Criteria


 To be a "persistent operational exemplar" deployed components must meeting the following criteria:

  1. Length of commitment
    1. Upon registering a service, a service provider must specify the length of time for which the service will be offered (preferably ‘unlimited').
    2. Experimental services will be registered and exempt from the level of service requirements.
    3. Consider multiple years
  2. Level of service
    1. Services are expected to be available at least 99% of the time, except when otherwise required by the nature of the service.
    2. This allows for approximately 7 hours of down time a month
    3. Adequate network service must be utilized in order to provide this level of availability.
  3. Termination
    1. GEO may "de-list" a server
    2. Non-functioning components of the Network will diminish the operational and marketing value of the Network in general for all participating organizations.


GEOSS Common Infrastructure Tier - Persistent Exemplars

  • GEO Web Portal - Compusult
  • GEO Web Portal - ESA
  • GEO Web Portal - ESRI
  • GEOSS Component and Service Registry
  • GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Registry
  • GEOSS Clearinghouse -
  • GEOSS Clearinghouse -
  • GEOSS Clearinghouse - 


Client Tier - Persistent Exemplars

 A working list of Client Tier persistent exemplars is maintained on an Portals and Clients WG Page




Business Process Tier - Persistent Exemplars

  • Community Catalogues


Access Tier  - Persistent Exemplars


A working list of Access Tier persistent exemplars is maintained on an Access WG page