GEOSS Initial Operating Capability (IOC)

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The GEOSS Core Architecture for exchange and dissemination of observations consists of the GEO Web Portal, Clearinghouse, and Registry components along with a process to register, discover and use services accessible using GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements.

During 2007, the GEO Architecture Data Committee (ADC), through its core tasks, has guided development of an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) of the GEOSS Core Architecture. Results of the development were demonstrated to multiple GEO members in September 2007, including use of the services for several Societal Benefit Areas.

An Initial Operating Capability (IOC) was established for GEOSS in November 2007. Several demonstrations portray the IOC functionality. The demonstrations are viewable on-line or can be download for playback without a network.

The GEOSS IOC has been developed by GEO Members and Participating Organizations, predominatly by activities of the following GEO Tasks:

The GEOSS Core Architecture Implementation Report provides an evaluation of the IOC with a particular focus on pilot-level versions of several GEO Web Portals, Clearinghouses and Registries. It is anticipated that this report will be used for future phases of GEOSS development. The report captures a work in progress. The report provides descriptions of the implementations that have been achieved to date as well providing recommendations on how the implementations should continue.