AIP Phase 2 Call for Participation

This Call for Participation (CFP) seeks participants in the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP).
The CFP as developed the AIP Task Team was announced by the GEO Secretariat on 30 June 2008:


Responses to the AIP-2 CFP are posted on separate page

Responses to the CFP received by 1 September 2008 will be used to prepare for the Kickoff Workshop.
Instructions on how to respond to the CFP are contained in the CFP Main Body.

Clarifications to the CFP are posted and will be discussed during a telecon on 18 July 2008. 

This 2nd Phase of AIP aims to establish "persistent operational exemplars" of services that support the GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs) using a consistent architecture. This 2nd phase will augment the Initial Operating Capability of the GEOSS Core Infrastructure previously established by the 1st Phase of the AIP and other GEO Tasks.

Outcomes include best practices and interoperability arrangements suitable for an operational capability. An aim of the Pilot is to reach consensus on architectural elements that initiatives supporting geospatial information systems can carry forward into operations, thereby increasing the overall level of interoperability.

This Call for Participation invites organizations associated with GEO Members and Participating Organizations to:

  • Participate in the collaborative development of SBA scenarios to guide testing, demonstrations and operations of the identified interoperable services. Initial scenarios have been developed, in close coordination with the User Interface Committee, relevant GEO Tasks, and GEO Secretariat Experts.
  • Provide services relevant to SBAs; where those services are deployed consistent with the GEOSS architecture based on Interoperability Arrangements. Participate in interoperability testing to confirm the architecture and including use of the GEOSS Core Infrastructure Components; and,
  • Contribute to the refinement of the architecture and interoperability arrangements. Including refinement of the CFP architecture and interactions with the GEOSS ADC Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF)

To be most effective organizations responding to the CFP should plan to fully participate in the Pilot development activities beginning with the Kickoff Workshop. The CFP will remain open for the duration of 2nd Phase of AIP.

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