AIP-1 Video Capture Workshop

Results of the workshop are now on-line as a set of demo videos .  Or you can download the videos for playback without a network.

The AI Pilot Video Capture Workshop was held in conjunction with the GEO Architecture and Data Committee (ADC-5).

  • AI Pilot Capture Workshop; September 10-11
  • GEO Architecture and Data Committee (ADC-5); September 12-13

The Workshop and ADC-5 was held at the: National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC USA

The purpose of the workshop was to capture video recordings of AI Pilot clients for the Scenarios, Portal and the Clearinghouse/Registry.  The videos and the overall status of the AI Pilot was presented to the ADC-5 meeting.

Pictures from the workshop

AI Pilot Group Picture, Sept 2007: Group Picture from the GEO AI Pilot Capture Workshop, 10&11 Sept. 2007, Washington, DCCapture Workshop Group

AI Pilot Workshop working hard, Sept 2007: Picture of AI Pilot Capture Workshop participants creating video captures, 10&11 Sept 2007, Washington DCVideo creation as it happens

Draft Agenda

  • Monday, September 10th
    • 9:00 am to 10:00 am - Opening plenary
      • Introductions
      • Plan for distributing videos to Summit, etc. - George Percivall
      • Camtesia Capture plan and guidelines - Mark Buehler
    • 10:00 am to end of day - Video capture by participants
    • 3:00 pm - Status plenary: draft videos shown by participants for coordination on style.
  • Tuesday, September 11th
    • 9:00 am to end of day - Video capture by participants
      • Mark B. available to receive final videos from participants
    • 10:00 am - Status plenary: identify 3-min. videos ready for Co-chair meeting
    • 1:00 pm - AI Pilot Presentation to ADC Co-Chairs
    • 5:00 pm - Closing plenary: Identification of future actions

Instructions for developing scenario videos

Mark Buehler has prepared a "How to" document for the scenario client operators to use. The how-to includes a couple examples to review.

Demo screen capture guidelines by Mark Buehler are available The zip file includes...

  • General instructions on how to use the screen capture and editing software (downloaded from the Camtasia website).
  • Guidelines for creating standardized title screens, transitions, and callouts.
  • Wiring diagram template.
  • Sample Camtasia project file containing sample title screens, transitions, and callouts.

It is OK to record the scenarios in advance of the workshop and make them available for Mark Buehler to include in the package that goes to the Summit Communication Task Force. Let George Percivall and Mark Buehler know if you plan to send them in advance.

To be completed in advance of workshop

Scenario WG leaders should plan that their scenario working group has these items completed in advance of the workshop. This will allow for a very productive recording session.

  • Written scenario
  • Clients and servers in GEOSS registry
  • Integration testing
  • Detailed scripts: keystrokes and narration
  • "wiring diagram" - graphic showing the client and the distributed servers