AI Pilot e-mail lists

AIP E-mail Lists

E-mail listservers are a main method of communication for the AI Pilot.   The links below provide access to a page where you can sign up for the lists of interest to you. When you access the pages you may be presented with a warning that the OGC mailman site certificate cannot be verified.  This is because OGC self-certifies their mailman website.   Some web browsers will give stern warnings about sites that are not licensed by a third party.  It is recommended that you accept the OGC Certificate Authority Root Certificate .

  • AIP Plenary e-mail list   This is a large list for general announcements.  Extended discussions will be encouraged to move to other lists.

Policies for AIP e-mail lists

  • e-mail lists are open to all involved in GEOSS.
  • Registration requests are approved by the moderator
  • Registration page is public for each list
  • List of registered persons on a list is only visible to the registered persons for that list
  • Should list archives be open to non-registered access, e.g., public access?


Previous AIP-3 E-mail lists 

 These lists were used in AIP-3 and are now dormant.


Previous AIP-2 E-mail lists 

 These lists were used in AIP-2 and are now dormant.


Previous AIP-1 E-mail lists 

 These lists were used in AIP-1 and are now dormant.

- Implementation WGs Lists

- Scenario WGs Lists