AIP Phase 2 Kickoff Workshop

The AIP-2 Kickoff was held 25&26 September 2008 at the NCAR Mesa Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The Kickoff meeting is one of two times that the Pilot participants will meet face-to-face during a development phase. See Annex B of the CFP for a description of the Pilot Development Process. The objectives of the Kickoff Workshop are:

  • To begin the 2nd Development Phase of the Pilot.
  • To develop detailed plans for the 2nd Development Phase.
  • To develop specific collaboration and interoperability goals for the 2nd Execution Phase.
  • To develop the detailed design based on the Pilot Architecture.
  • To develop user scenarios suitable for directing development of Operational Exemplars.

 A summary of the Kickoff Workshop.  Pictures from the kickoff.


Kickoff Workshop Agenda

Thursday, September 25th 

Opening Plenary
Refreshment Break
Opening Plenary continued
1200 Lunch

Parallel Session 1a:
Data Product Access
Parallel Session 1b:
Biodiversity and Climate
Parallel Session 1c:
Service and Dataset Description


Refreshment Break

Parallel Session 2a:
Disaster Response 
Parallel Session 2b:
Parallel Session 2c:
Clearinghouse and Catalogs 
End of Day Plenary
1700 Adjourn



Friday, September 26th

Parallel Session 3a:
 Client Applications
Parallel Session 3b:
Sensors and Models
Parallel Session 3c:
Renewable Energy
Refreshment Break
Parallel Session 4a:
Air Quality
Parallel Session 4b:
Test Facility
Parallel Session 4c:
Client Applications
Closing Plenary
Refreshment Break
Closing Plenary - continued
1700 Adjourn


  • All "A" Sessions in the Daman Room
  • All 'B" Sessions in the Director's Conference Room
  • All "C" Sessions in the Chapman Conference Room




Parallel Session Topics and Leaders

Co-leads for each session are  listed.  Additional co-leads may be identified.

A typical agenda for the parallel sessions.

SBA/CoP/Scenario sessions: co-leaders

  • Disaster Response SBA : 
    • Ron Lowther  email    Ronald.Lowther at Northrop Grumman
    • Didier Giacobbo Didier.Giacobbo at Spot Image
    • Stuart Frye Stuart.Frye at Caribbean Flood Team
  • Health SBA: Air Quality : 
    • David McCabe, McCabe.David at ESIP AQ Team
    • Frank Lindsay, francis.lindsay-1 at ESIP AQ Team
    • Stefan Falke, stefan at ESIP AQ Team
    • Rudy Husar rhusar at ESIP AQ Team
  • Biodiversity and Climate
    • Stefano Nativi nativi at     IP3 Response
  • Energy SBA
    • Thierry Ranchin thierry.ranchin at Mines Paris Tech
    • Ellsworth LeDrew  ells at    UIC Co-Chair

Technology sessions:co-leaders

  • Catalogues, Clearinghouse, Metadata
    • Doug Nebert ddnebert at USGS
    • Josh Lieberman jlieberman at OGC IP Team
    • Kengo Aizawa aizawa.kengo at JAXA
  • Service and Dataset Description
    • Doug Nebert ddnebert at USGS
    • Josh Lieberman jlieberman at OGC IP Team
    • Ted Haberman Ted.Habermann at NOAA
  • Data Product Access :
    • Hervé Caumont herve.caumont at OGC IP Team
    • Glenn Rutledge glenn.rutledge at NOAA NCDC NOMADS
    • Hans Peter Plag hpplag at GEO Task AR-07-03 Global Geodetic Reference Frames
  • Sensors and Models Access
    • Anwar Vahed avahed at ICT4EO
    • Luis Bermudez  bermudez at   SURA/NIMSAT/GoMOOS
    • Don Sullivan    dsullivan at   Caribbean Flood Team
  • Workflow for products and alerts
    • Liping Di ldi at NOAA/NASA GOES-R and GMU CSISS
    • Greg Yetman gyetman at CIESIN
    • Satoshi Sekiguchi   s.sekiguchi at  GEOGrid
  • Client Applications : 
    • Nadine Alameh nadinesa at NASA World Winds
    • Hervé Caumont herve.caumont at OGC IP Team
  • Test Facility :
    • Doug Nebert ddnebert at USGS
    • Jolyon Martin Jolyon.Martin at ESA

 Opening Plenary Agenda

Time Topic Speaker
 0:00   Introduction of Plenary Agenda  George Percivall
 0:05  Welcome to NCAR/UCAR Dr. Richard Anthes, UCAR President
 0:20 Context of AIP, GCI, CFP Process  George Percivall
 0:60  End-to-end use case: Discovery, access, use with variations  Doug Nebert
 1:30  Refreshment Break  
 1:45 Session summaries *10 Session leads 
 3:00  logistics for breakouts  





 Closing Plenary Agenda - Draft

Duration Topic
1330 Reports from sessions (10 min *10) Session leaders
1430 Break (15 min)  
1445 Reports from sessions, continued Session leaders
1525 Task Planning: communications, schedule, web presences
George Percivall
1555 General Discussion  All
1700 Closing  


AIP Phase 2 Kickoff Workshop Logistics

  • Dates: 25-26 September, Boulder Colorado, USA
    • 9 am to 5 pm on each day
  • Location: NCAR Mesa Laboratory
    • The Mesa Lab sits outside and overlooking the city of Boulder
    • Renting a car for your transportation is recommended.
    • Car pooling is recommended as visitor parking is limited.
    • Bus from hotels begin at 8 am (more details coming)
  • Kickoff to be held with other GEO Meetings
  • AIP Kickoff Hosted by OGC, NCAR, IEEE, ERDAS, Northrop Grumman
  • Kickoff Registration Page


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Plenary Notes:  Q: Sporadic

Plenary Notes:

 Q: Sporadic services. How can services which represent sporadic events be persistent?

A: Archive services can persist such observations later, but if some sources of data are going to appear and disappear, this emphasizes the need to make registration / discovery of relevant data services and consistent service bindings integral parts of client and application components .