AIP-3 Call For Participation

Call for Participation (CFP) in the 3rd Phase of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP)

The AIP-3 will focus on contributing to other GEO Tasks, increasing the capacity of GEOSS to provide societal benefits, and, consistent with the data sharing guidelines, improving access to data. AIP-3 will be conducted during 2010 and will generate results in time for the 2010 Ministerial Summit in Beijing. It will build on previous phases of the AIP, the AIP Service Architecture and the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI).

The CFP invites GEO Members and Participating Organizations to participate in one or more of the following three activities:

  1. Register components and services that are relevant to the Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs) and consistent with the GEOSS architecture and Interoperability arrangements;
  2. Test services delivered through the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) in order to confirm the interoperability and operations of the GEOSS architecture; and
  3. Formulate SBA-specific scenarios for making full use of GEOSS resources, to guide the testing, demonstration, and operation of these resources.

Announcement of the CFP was  also posted on a GEO Secretariat web page 

Clarifications to the CFP were posted as they were received.

Responses to AIP-3 CFP


CFP schedule was:

Responses to this CFP are requested by 3 March 2010. Directions for preparing a response are described in the CFP. Organizations responding to the CFP should plan to attend the kickoff workshop for starting the development of AIP-3, which will be held 11-12 March 2010 at ESA-ESRIN in Frascati, Italy.

Several teleconferences will discuss and clarify the CFP before the Kickoff Workshop. Agendas and logistics for these teleconferences are posted at

The related information documents are available below:

Points of Contact for questions and clarifications:

If you have any questions about the CFP, please contact the Point of Contact for Task AR-09-01b, George Percivall, at or contact the GEO secretariat at