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The GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) develops and deploys new process and infrastructure components for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and the broader GEOSS architecture.   Progress of AIP development is listed below; For access to data go the GEOSS Web Portal.

AIP Current Activities

  • AIP-10 coming soon!

AIP Results by Phase

  • AIP-5 Results, Dec 2012-Jan 2013.
    • AIP-5 Demonstration Videos 
    • AIP-5/SIF Tutorials
    • AIP-5 Engineering Reports


Prior activities of AIP are listed below in reverse chronological order.

2013 - 2014

  • Demo capture guidelines for AIP-7 here
  • The recorded session of the DAB API by Mattia Santoro (thank you) can be found here. (You might need a tool to read the file, tool can be found here)





  • AIP-5 Results, Dec 2012-Jan 2013.
    • AIP-5 Demonstration Videos 
    • AIP-5/SIF Tutorials
    • AIP-5 Engineering Reports
    • AIP-5 Results to the GEOSS Plenary, November 2012, in Brazil.


  • AIP activities at GEO VIII Plenary, Istanbul, November 2011
    • AIP-4 Side Event
    • GEOSS Infrastructure Enhancements
      • ADC - OGC - EOX/rasdaman Exhibit
      • Videos
    • AIP Presentation to ADC meeting


  • AIP-3 progress for GEO VII Ministerial and Plenary, October 2010
    • GEOSS Architecture Progress - a movie
    • AIP-3 Demonstration Videos
    • AIP Engineering Reports
  • AIP-3 Demo Capture Workshop, September, 2010
    • For AIP-3 the workshop to capture the demonstrations videos was held virtually using webex and YouTube 
    • The videos were captured and posted in time for the GEO VII Ministerial and Plenary
  • AIP-3 Development: March to September 2010
    • Objective:  SBA scenarios implemented with common architecture use cases
    • See the activity on the collboration website
  • GEO Secretariat announcement of Call for Participation (CFP) in AIP-3, January 2010
    • CFP Responses requested by 3 March in order to prepare for Kickoff Workshop
    • Kickoff Workshop at ESA-ESRIN Frascati Italy, March 11-12, 2010


  • AIP-2 Demonstration Videos were posted in May 2009.  The Demonstrations were developed over the course of AIP-2 and recorded during a Demo Capture workshop, 4-5 May 2009 in Stresa, Italy.  The demonstrations show SBA and Technology topics. The link above plays in your browser using the on-line file.  Any of the videos can be also be downloaded for off-line playback.
  • AIP-2 Testing approach was defined and initiated in February 2009
  • Scenarios and Use Cases were initially established in January 2009.  Scenarios show how GEOSS is applied in various Communities of Practice.   Use Cases are reusable transverse technology approaches for implementing the scenarios.  A matrix maps Scenarios to Use Cases.


  • An Interim Design Review for the AIP-2 Development was held on 2 December 2008 in Valencia Spain.  AIP-2 Working Groups presented their status with a focus on Scenarios and Use Cases.  A Summary identifies the major observations of the review.

  • AIP-2 Working Group pages on Google Sites were created for on-going collaboration of the AIP-2 working groups.   The Google Sites provide a workspace for development which will be finalized in Engineering Reports, Videos and OGC Network pages.

  • AIP-2 Kickoff Workshop was held in Boulder Colorado, USA, September 25 and 26, 2008.  Eighty five(85) persons attended over the two days.  A summary presentation of the kickoff is available. Pictures from the workshop


  • AIP Contributions to an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) for GEOSS were established in December 2007.

  • A Scenario Capture workshop was held September 10-11, 2007. The purpose of the workshop was to develop screen capture recordings of AI Pilot clients for the Scenarios, Portal and the Clearinghouse/Registry for the EO Summit. The results for the workshop are viewable as on-line demonstrations or download the videos for playback without a network.

  • Results of the Federated Earth Observation Pilot (FedEO) are supportive of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.

  • AI Pilot Working Groups were establised as the forum for development during the execution phase of the AI Pilot. E-mail lists for the working groups have been established.

  • A Kickoff Meeting for the AI Pilot was held on 5&6 June 2007 at the ESRIN Facility of the European Space Agency. The Kickoff Meeting began the Execution Phase of the Pilot. During the Kickoff meeting detailed plans and designs were developed along with the identification of user scenarios suitable for demonstration. An element of the kickoff was review of the engineering viewpoint architecture from the CFP Annex B.

  • A Call for Participation (CFP) in the AI Pilot was issued on 13 April 2007. 35 responses were received. As many proposals included contributions from multiple organizations, there were 105 organizations responding to the CFP. Responses were received from government agencies, academia and national laboratories, and commercial organizations.
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