OGC Network™ Help

OGC Network has these features available for your use:


OGC Network™ is designed to allow almost anyone to contribute content. Even without creating an account on the system you can leave comments, but once you are an authenticated user you can also add new pages to the site. OGC Network™ is built on the Drupal content management system. They maintain the most comprehensive documentation here.

If you'd like to create your own pages on OGC Network™, create an account here, then email webmaster@opengeospatial.org for content creation privileges, and describe what you want to do.

Create content

For our purposes, the most important feature is the creation of "pages" and "book pages". In Drupal, a page is HTML that could appear within the <body> tag of a Web page. A book is simply a set of pages organized heirarchically (giving a page a parent makes it a "book page"). You should always be able to create a page on this site, but putting that page in a book might require contacting OGC staff for permission.

Content editing is straightforward. Enter rich text or raw HTML source in the area under "Body:". Note that the default input format, filtered HTML, doesn't even allow for heading tags like <h2>, so you will probably want to turn on full HTML. We also recommend using a better Web page design application, like Dreamweaver, for building your pages. The built-in editor is great for small updates, but not very good for designing the page in the first place.

Add images

Adding images is slightly more complicated. Under the "create content" menu, choose "image". Upload your image using this form (upload using the "Image:*" field, not "Attach new file"). Then go to the "image" page you just created and copy the URL for the image (not the page). You can do this by right-clicking on the image and selecting the appropriate command (e.g. in Firefox it's called "Copy Image Location"). Now you can use this URL in other pages that you create.

Schema uploading (and other file formats)

Unlike regular file posting, this system allows you to control the directory structure, and therefore the public URL, of the file. This is especially useful for creating sensible XML schema URLs and versioning them (e.g. http://www.ogcnetwork.net/schemas/georss/1.0/georss.xsd).

schema manager screenshot


If you are logged in as a registered user the schema manager allows you to upload the following file formats: "txt", "xml", "xsd", "xsl", "xslt", "htm", "html", "zip", "cml", "dtd", "wsdl", "rdfs", "owl", "gml", "kml", "spp", and "bat".
Using the schema manager is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Create your desired nested directory structure using the Add Directory button.
  • Then use the Upload File button to post your file within that directory
  • To update/version files, upload a file with the same name to the same directory. This will make the new file accessible from the old URL, and rename the old file, leaving it in the directory, but with a new, versioned name.

    Access this tool from http://www.ogcnetwork.net/schema/manager/



    Enjoy the site and please don't hesitate to contact the staff if you run into trouble.